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Why Wood & Bucket?


Décor and aesthetics aside, our name is more than the theme of our restaurant, but it also symbolizes the foundation of Hawaii’s economic and culinary journey.

Historically, Hawaii’s economic engines were the sugar cane and pineapple industries. Immigrants from around the world came to Hawaii to work on the plantations and were the backbone of Hawaii in the early 1900’s. Plantation workers often carried their loads in wooden buckets, held at the end of a long bamboo stick. During the long, hot days, the hard working laborers would enjoy their lunches under the swaying palm trees. The cool island breezes and simple meals brought comfort to many.

This way of life in Hawaii would become the norm for our islands - a melting pot of cultures, anchored by hard work, food and fellowship. The wooden bucket not only inspires our team, but it represents Hawaii’s unique culture and history, which is the underlying inspiration behind our unique Pacific-region cuisine.



Buffet Breakfast: 6:30a - 10:00a
Restaurant: 10:00a - 3:00a
Bar: 9:00a - 3:30a

Available for parties and catering. Happy hour two times a day at 4:00pm - 7:00pm and 11:00pm - 1:00am.
With 3 televisions and a live satellite feed you can watch live sporting events or stay up to date with the latest news.

Contact info:  (808)921-3212

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  Wood & Bucket


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