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Q. I want to reserve my room without giving my credit card information via email.

A.  You have two choices: You can use our reservations page or send us the information via fax


Q. What are the hotel address, telephone number and fax number?

A. 2375 Ala Wai Blvd., Honolulu, Hawaii 96815   


Fax: 1-808-926-7587


Q. Do you have parking and how much?

A. Yes we have parking and it is valet service only, no self parking. The cost is $25 per night with in and out privileges (Subject to change).


Q. How far is your hotel from Honolulu International Airport?

A. The Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel is a short 25 minute drive from Honolulu International Airport.


Q. How do I get to your hotel from the airport by a car?

A. To get there, take Nimitz Hwy heading eastbound from the airport. Nimitz Hwy then turns into Ala Moana Blvd. Taka a right to Kalakaua Ave. Kalakaua Ave. then splits into Kuhio ave. Proceed left on Kuhio Ave, then left on Kanekapolei and you’ll find the Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel, the last hotel on your right.


Q. What is the difference between, Standard, Deluxe, Premium and kitchenette rooms?

A. Basically Standard, Deluxe and Premium rooms are the same except floor. Standard rooms are lower floor. Kitchenette rooms are located in the annex building.


Q. Do you have room with kitchen?

A. Yes, we have 10 rooms with kitchenette which is called Pualeilani Studio. Pualeilani Suite is 484 sq. ft. and is being enough to fit up to 4 people without extra charge. If has fully equipped kitchenette: 2 burner stove, microwave, crockery and utensils for 4, refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster and rice cooker.


Q. Do you A/C in the room?

A. All rooms have air conditioning.


Q. How far is your hotel from Waikiki?

A. Only 2 blocks away from Waikiki Beach.  Less than 10 minutes walk.


Q.  What is the cheapest room you have?

A.  You should check our standard room on our website.


Q.  Can I reserve king size bed?

A.  We don't have many king size beds.  Most of our rooms are 1 double and 1 single.  We also have some 2 double beds and triple beds.  You may request when you make your reservation, but we can not guarantee it.  It is based on our availability. 


Q.  Can I use my parent's or relative's credit card to guarantee my reservation?

A.  Yes.  We require the person who is using his/her credit card to reserve your room to give us the authorization.  We will send the authorization form if you need.


Q.  What is the room with tax?

A. Tax rate is 13.962%. If your room rate is $100, the tax is $13.96, therefore the total charge for one night is $113.96. (Tax rate subject to change in accordance to Hawaii law). 


Q.  Can I send you my credit card information via email?

A.  We do not recommend you to send your credit card information via regular email.  However, we provide a secured page on our website.  Otherwise,  you may send us your credit card information via fax.


Q.  What is the minimum age to check in at your hotel?

A.  Guests have to be 18 years or older to check in at our hotel with own credit card.  We need you to present your I.D. (passport or driver's license) upon check-in.


Q.  What is needed upon check-in?

A.  A valid identification and security deposit are needed upon check-in.  (Deposit subject to change)


Q.  How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

A.  If you book four nights or more consecutively on our website at, you are eligible for a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel and the hotel back to the airport. This is a special for guest that is traveling to and from the airport only. The shuttle is not able to stop at another other locations, such as the pier or rental car companies. The shuttle offer is not valid for reservations made on third party websites or through agents.

Otherwise, you can catch any shuttle located at the airport at a cost. We recommend Roberts Hawaii and you can make a booking in advance by clicking on this link, Cost and directions are listed. You may also catch a taxi also. You will have to refer to taxi companies for the rates as rates vary.



Internet Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I connect to your High Speed Guest Network?

A. The Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel offers two main types of Complimentary Internet connections; wired (all rooms) and/or wireless (802.11 b/g) throughout the entire property. Most laptops purchased within the past 4 years come equipped with these two “standard” connections.
Simply turn on your wireless adapter and allow it to search for SandVilla Wireless network. A password is required; please contact the front desk for the password.
You can connect directly in the room by using a standard network Ethernet cable (Cat5-RJ45). Use your own or the hotel can provide you with one if you have a credit card on file or for a small, nominal deposit refundable upon returning the cable.
Modem/dial up (legacy ware):
is available too but be aware of two problems with this:

A) this connection goes through our phone switch and is analog, not digital. The phone switch has no way of knowing you are dialing a modem connection. Toll-Free is No Fee, but there will be charges for any number your modem dials directly.

B) Because it is analog, it is EXTREMELY slow. Some connections cannot be made.


Q. How can I send and receive e-mail and pictures using the hotel’s Guest Network?

A. You can use your own pre-configured emailing system using our network’s SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which is automatically configured once you connect with your own laptop. The Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel also offers free computer access for our guests in the Hospitality Room located on the “H” floor. Here you can use any third party mailing system such as Yahoo, Gmail, MSN/ Hotmail, just to name a few, to send email and pictures from your camera. You will need to use your own camera’s USB connection on our public PCs. It would be highly recommended to register to one of these emailing services prior to your travels as Outlook Express or Office Outlook have been removed from our public computers. This is a plus as you can travel and use any PC to send and receive e-mail. It would be recommended to use a portable USB flash drive if you which to transfer files and pictures using our PCs.


Q. At work we have a firewall to protect our laptops/notebooks and PCs. What protection is there when I connect my laptop/notebook to your Guest Network?

A. We have no firewalls in place with the exception of our public PCs in the Hospitality Room (complimentary) and Sand Bar PCs (fee). We also provide use Open DNS to prevent the openings of undesirable websites in our business/family-friendly network in the Hospitality Room and at the Sand Bar. Those rules do not apply in the guest room connections; however we do monitor for heavy bandwidth loading programs such as BitTorrent, P2Ps, and streaming media, etc… We prefer all of our guests to share a pleasant browsing experience and not be bogged down by these heavy loading programs. Those users may be subject to temporary or permanent disconnection from the private Guest Network. Our Guest Network is OPEN so it is up to the guest to maintain security programs (Anti-Virus, Firewalls, spy and mal ware protection) on their own computers. We do provide Client Isolation on the wireless and wired network so each laptop/notebook or PC only talk to the router and not with other PCs or laptops on the network. Our property PCs are designed to erase entered private information such as passwords and files left on the desktop after a user session. Always remember to LOG OFF. If you have children travelling with you, be sure to use parental guidance controls on your laptop/notebook’s browser or already installed monitoring program as the “in-room” network is OPEN. Always use common user sense when using public computers to best protect your privacy and browsing experience.

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