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Activities Guide

It would almost be impossible to list all of the activities in Hawaii. But we have come up with a small list to help you plan your vacation, or business trip.

When people think of Hawaii, the impression of a beautiful Waikiki Beach lined with palm trees. With over 2 miles of coast line to play on, it is no wonder why people keep coming back.

Fact: Waikiki Beach is always crowded, but it manages to still be a very relaxing beach. It’s amazing how basking in the sun and listening to the waves surge along the shoreline washes away the stress of everyday life. Enjoying the cool, clean, and revitalizing waters of Oahu will give you that special Aloha feeling.

Newcomers should take special care when using personal floatation devices (e.g., inflatable mattresses, Styrofoam swim boards, etc.) - there is no substitute for being a good swimmer. Be conscientious of runaway surfboards and boats that enter and leave the area- they can be dangerous. Ask the lifeguards where the best places are to swim.

Waikiki Beach has the following in its beach and park areas:


If relaxing is not your thing, don't worry, we have that covered too. Try your hand at surfing, canoeing, swimming, or snorkeling. There are plenty of shops and stores where beach equipment can be rented or bought. The Diamond Head side of Waikiki Beach is covered in grassy picnic and recreational facilities, including those at Kapiolani Park, where tennis and archery are available, as well as fine and economical dining and shopping.